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Sound and Vision: What is Hot in Audio Visual?

Hello! Ever since I was a little boy I have been obsessed with sound and vision. I used to spend hours with my headphones on listening to my parent's record player, or I sat on the floor in front of out tiny TV set. I always wanted to have the latest equipment so I could enjoy music and films in the highest clarity, so when I got older, I got a part-time job in an electrical retailer. I decided to start this blog, so I can discuss all that is going on the audio visual world. I hope you enjoy it!


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How to Organise a Charity Fundraiser Gig

There are all sorts of ways to raise funds for a local charity, but one-off events are often the best way of getting a charitable organisation noticed and raising its profile as well as helping to boost its coffers. In Australia, there are so many small, unsigned bands and singers around that putting on a gig can be the best sort of event to go for. Bands tend to like the publicity they get, and promoting a concert can mean that your charity becomes better-known by more people. What do you need to know before starting to sell tickets?

Venue Hire

Gigs can be relatively informal events held outside in a festival-like atmosphere in the summer. However, external concerts can lead to noise pollution and are harder to control access to. It is usually better, especially if you are inexperienced with putting on shows, to hire a venue with a stage, such as a function room in a pub or a community centre. If you are charged a fee for the use of a room, then ask for a discount because your event is for charity.

Sound Equipment Hire

Although most bands will have their own guitar and keyboard amplifiers as well as instruments, you will probably need some kind of audio equipment event hire. This usually means a public address (PA) system, microphones and mic stands which will allow everyone to hear the music clearly. A monitor is also essential for singers to be able to hear themselves and sing in tune. In many cases, a PA will come supplied with a mixer unit, which will allow a sound engineer to mix the music being played for the best possible sound. For more information, contact local professionals like Fordtronic Video & Sound Pty Ltd.

Running Order

Two, three or more musical acts are a good idea for any charity gig. If you rely on just one band, then the turnout can be low. So-called 'support' acts will attract more people to your event. For a smooth transition between acts, it is handy to have all the bands share certain equipment, such as a bass guitar amplifier and a drum kit – although drummers should bring their own 'breakables', such as kick drum pedals and snares.

Light Show

Any gig – from rock and pop to jazz and blues – will be improved by a proper light show. If your venue has a theatrical lighting rig in place already then make use of it with different coloured par cans flashing on and off on differing parts of the stage. A simple lighting programme, like this, can be surprisingly effective, but you can always make the light show more intense by also using lasers and disco lighting products.