Sound and Vision: What is Hot in Audio Visual?

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Sound and Vision: What is Hot in Audio Visual?

Hello! Ever since I was a little boy I have been obsessed with sound and vision. I used to spend hours with my headphones on listening to my parent's record player, or I sat on the floor in front of out tiny TV set. I always wanted to have the latest equipment so I could enjoy music and films in the highest clarity, so when I got older, I got a part-time job in an electrical retailer. I decided to start this blog, so I can discuss all that is going on the audio visual world. I hope you enjoy it!


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4 Purchasing Prerequisites to Consider as An Audiophile

Obsessed with music? Music is life to many audio lovers, and finding the perfect headsets is rather daunting, considering the flooded market. Headphones can be just as important in determining the sound quality as the host device. Various elements determine and affect the sound you get through your headphones, therefore, making an informed purchase is of immense importance. Here is a glimpse of what you should consider when hunting for the best ones in the market:

Usage Preferences

Ask yourself if you want a type that suits the gym, plane trips or for hooking to a hi-fi stereo at home. Identifying this will probably guide you in picking the best and suitable choice.


Again, for steadfast music followers, headphones shopping can easily make a big dent in your wallet. It is paramount that you get the best quality device within your price range. Identify various appealing models and price ranges before settling on one. Ideally, to get the best bang for your buck consider consulting a professional.

Brand Isn't Everything

To many people, their shopping is dependent on the headphone brands. In the market, a handful of brands are leading. Their prices are over the roof. Marketing gimmicks aside, it is important that you pay equal attention to smaller brands when searching for your audio-mate.

Testing Them Out

Actually, this is the best way for finding the best type, model, and brand. You can never go wrong with trying on a pair. Reach out to a friend or visit an electronic store that allows you to try before purchase. Additionally, find a store that has a cheap 30-day return policy as you try out various types available in the store. This will give you a better glimpse of the performance of the headphones in your normal usage circumstances.


Finding the perfect type is dependent on personal choice. Headphones come in different shapes and sizes and your preferences will mostly guide you to your favourite. Some of the common types include:

  • Wireless Headsets: These are excellent for tablets, laptop users, and smartphones. Using blue tooth technology, they have a cord-free ability to play music. They can also be suitable for exercising, running or watching TV.
  • Wired Headsets: While the wireless headsets remain a strong favourite for many users. Corded headsets still command a strong following.
  • Over-ear, In-ear, and On-ear Headsets: As the name suggests, over ear cover the whole ear, in ear cover the external auditory canal and on ear have less circumference compared to over ear. Technically, the sound quality variation is slight from one model to another. Eventually, the final decision you make should be biased on the grounds of comfort attained when putting on a pair.

Sound with style is the primary basis of finding the best headphone. Therefore, all above factors considered you should land a pretty decent pair that does justice to your music.